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Welcome to Potsdam

"Without a worry" - that is the meaning of Potsdam's most famous palace, Sanssouci. But it is also a state of mind that can be perceived in many places within the city: in the expansive parks which belong to the rich UNESCO world heritage site as well as in the lively city centre. Here, idyllic backyards hide behind magnificent baroque facades. International art mixes with local street culture.  Only a short train ride away from vibrant Berlin, life in Potsdam proceeds at a much slower and relaxed pace than in the German capital.

Surrounded by lakes and the river Havel, water is an important element for your Potsdam experience: Discover the city by boat, dip into the lakes or chill in the beautiful natural setting ashore. No doubt that the Prussian Kings felt inspired by this stunning scenery. 

Potsdam invites you on a journey through Europe: the oranges in Sanssouci Park make you dream of Italy, the red bricks of the Dutch Quarter remind you of Amsterdam. And the next moment you are part of a fairy tale in the Russian Colony Alexandrovka. Whether by bike, on foot or on the water - Brandenburg's state capital impresses with a well-developed network of paths with idyllic views of the picturesque cultural and Havel landscape. 

Potsdam has not on shaped arts, architecture and science in Europe but also the movie making industry. The world’s oldest large-scale film studios were founded in Potsdam-Babelsberg. To honour Potsdam’s impact and achievements of the last 100 years of making films, the city became Germanys first UNESCO Creative City of Film. 

So, what are you waiting for?! Enjoy Potsdam with all senses and “without a worry”.

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